200 Women Abducted by ISIS

It is informed that more than 200 women of Turkmen origin were captured and abducted by ISIS. Salihi, the head of Iraqi Turkmens, informed that so far now, ISIL has captured, raped and abducted hundreds of Turkmen women in Talafar and Mosul, which are historically Turkmen cities in northern Iraq. And it is noted that most of women were also killed by the ISIL militants.

It is said that some women were sold in Syrian Nahhasa woman market by the terrorists, and some were clobbered. In July, the members of ISIL captured Beshir, a Turkmen town, and they raped the women and killed some of them. The pregnant women lost their babies while they were running away from Talafar and Mosul which was captured by the ISIL last year.

The world ignores the tragedy of Turkmen women in Iraq. Though Turkmen leaders and authorities support the rights of all women in Iraq, the international news agencies and Arabic media ignore especially the tragedy of Iraqi Turkmen ladies. It is thought that there is a deliberate policy to hide the tragedy of Turkmen women from the world.

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