22 Turks Slaughtered in East Turkestan


In East Turkestan, as a result of the events on Monday and Tuesday, 22 Uyghurs were slaughtered by Chinese security forces.

South China Morning Post (SCMP) claimed that 10 civillians died as a result of the events and 22 Uyghurs were killed by the security forces in the clashes in Yarkent located in the province of Kashgar. SCMP also informed that at least 41 people are kept under surveillance by security forces.

Chinese press mostly preferred to be silent about the events, and they have just pressed the news about the conflicts with a delay of three days, besides they provided no information about the number of deads. Yesterday, Xinhua, official news agency,  just informed that dozens of Uyghurs were killed by the police, but provided no certain number for casualties. According to China Morning Post, the security forces constituted several control points and patrol the area against the uprisings in the province of Kashgar.

International associations inform that anti-cultural and anti-religious oppression by Chinese government causes Uyghur people to uprise for a decade. International news agencies and reporters are disallowed to work in the area of uprisings, so the world public opinion is limited with the news provided by official Chinese press agencies.


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