Eight Azerbaijani Soldiers Killed on Border with Armenia

Eight Azerbaijani soldiers were killed during the clashes on the border beween Azerbaijan and Armenia. It is known that for a few months, there is a tension between Azerbaijan and Armenia due to the matter of Karabakh which was invaded by Armenien forces for more than two decades. The Azerbaijani soldiers have been killed by Armenian forces in a bloody skirmish which erupted on the border between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

Armenian Military's Invasion on Azerbaijan

Armenian Military’s Invasion on Azerbaijan. Areas in orange of the map has been invaded by Armenian military since 1994.

A military conflict between Azerbaijanis and Armenians ocurred over Nagorno-Karabakh, a mountainous enclave within Azerbaijan where the majority of the land is invaded by Armenians. In the early 1990s Armenian-backed forces seized Nagorno-Karabakh and seven surrounding Azerbaijani provinces. Since 1994, although there is a cease-fire between the countries, border skirmishes of especially Armenian forces frequently cause troops and civilians living on the border to be dead or injured.

The latest incident occurred along the border between the Azerbaijani provinces of Aghdam and Tartar on the night of July 31. At least eight Azerbaijani soldiers were killed while they are struggling with the border skirmish and intrusion of Armenian forces, although some local Azerbaijani news agencies report that the death casualties have reached 11.

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