Iran refuses to issue a birth certificate to a 3,5 year-old boy, Oguz Kaan

Persian invaders regime Registrar has refused to issue a birth certificate to a South Azerbaijani child for over 3-5 years.
The now 3.5 – year-old Oguz Kaan has no birth certificate or national identification documents since the Registrar Office of the city of Maku believes that Oguz Kaan’s Turkic name is un-Islamic.
Oguz Kaan’s father Sadiq Feyzulla Nejad says he attended the Registrar’s Office to obtain birth documents as soon as Oguuz Kaan was born. However, the Register refused to issue a birth certificate to Oguz Kaan. Oguz Kaan’s father took the matter to the court. Yet, the court upheld the Ragistrar’s unlawful and ridiculous decision that the Turkic name Oguz Kaan is against Islamic rules and culture. Consequently, Oguz Kaan merely due to his name has been deprived of his basic social rights. Oguz Kaan’s father is worried that his son would not be able to go to school since he has no identification.
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