The World is Blind to the Slaughter of Turkmens by ISIS

turkmeneliAydin Maruf, a Turkmen deputy of Iraq, stated that the world is blind to the slaughter of Turkmens by ISIS in Mosul and Talafar.

Aydin Maruf, one of the deputies representing Iraq Turkmen Front, informed that 70% of Turkmens left their cities, Mosul and Talafar due to the terrorism by ISIS. Maruf, who points out that the world ignores the massacre of Turkmens by ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), stated that there are no doctors in the refuge camps and the refugees have insufficient medicine. So he says they expect more support from Turkey whereas the world opinion is silent about the miserable existence of Turkmens in Iraq.

Aydin Maruf confessed that only Turkey helps them though it is not enough to fulfil the needs of Turkmen refugees. He also declared the fact that no countries except Turkey help them, and continued that a commission from TIKA who will visit Razir and other refuge camps is a good news for them. Maruf claimed that Iraqi government only helps Shia Turkmens in the region, and this might be an intentional policy, which is apparently discrimination.

Maruf, who asserts Iraqi government tries to separate Turkmens into Sunni and Shia, said: “Nobody can separate us. Both Sunni and Shia Turkmens are the same body. On the other hand, Turkey never discriminates. We have no support from any other countries except Turkey.” Maruf also warned that the tragedy of Turkmens should not be used as a political material among the parties in Turkey during the presidential election because it should be seen as a national brotherhood matter. Maruf also said: “Iraqi Turkmens expect Turkey helps and supports. It is important and reasonable for us to receive support from both ruling and opposition parties in Turkey as well.”

Maruf said that Iraqi government in Baghdat does not help or support them though they are the citizens of Iraq like Arabs and Kurds, which seems to be an ethnic discrimination against Turkmens. He also said: “Thanks to Turkey and Kizilay (Red Crescent) because they never discriminate among refugees and help both Arab and Turkmen refugees who run away from ISIS. No other countries help the refugees, but Turkey helps everybody here.”

Translated and revised from Hanife Açıkalın‘s article from Yeni Çağ Newspaper in Turkey.

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One thought on “The World is Blind to the Slaughter of Turkmens by ISIS

  1. Where are some of the camps located? I help at 3 Turkmen camps in Lebanon. Are there Turkmen camps in Jordan and Iraq as well?

    I know there are some in Turkey, but they seem to be well off.

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