ISIS Trying For a Madhab Tension in Turkmeneli


Turkmeneli Region is located in the southwest of Iraqi Kurdish Region. The capital city of Turkmeneli is Kirkuk.

The terrorists from Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) killed 12 Turkmens in Tuzhurmatu.

After the terrorist organisation which is called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria seized Mosul and some other districts, a dreadful chaos occurred throughout Iraq. Around the city of Tuzhurmatu that is located in the province of Saladin, most of the Turkmen villages whose population are mostly of Shia, are attacked and invaded by the terrorists of ISIS.

Turkmens suspect that ISIS tries to make Turkmens conflict with each other by the means of sectarian tension because both Sunnis and Shiites were killed within a week.  A Sunni Turkmen was killed during the day first, then two Shiite Turkmens were killed, 5 persons were wounded in Shia district of Tuzhurmatu. After all, a few Shiite families were also slaughtered in the city. Turkmens know that both Sunnis and Shiites are killed by ISIS so as to arouse a sectarian tension in the district.

For a week, Yengice, a Turkmen village, has been oppressed by a group of ISIS with a convoy of 100 vehicles.

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