On-Going Oppression and Intolerance of China in East Turkestan

Flag of East Turkestan

Flag of East Turkestan

China, which oppresses Uyghur Turks by banning some religious duties such as fasting of Muslims through the month of Ramadan, has gone on slaughtering Uyghurs for a month. It is predicted that Chinese military and security forces has killed at least 100 people in the events since the beginning of Ramadan.

Chinese government has applied an assimilation policy in East Turkestan and Tibet for decades. China makes Han Chinese people move and settle into East Turkestan so as to lessen the population rates of Uyhhur Turks. In the meantime, Uyghur Turks are forbidden to have more than one child in cities, and more than two children in countryside. Abortion is obligatory if they get pregnant for more than one or two kids. In some places, it is forbidden to go to mosques and perform fasting on Ramadan as well. China also uses East Turkestan as nuclear area and region for tests. It also suppresses democratic protests with bloody assaults. The people who join the events and protests are persecuted or executed. Chinese police sometimes forces Muslim women to uncover their heads which causes uprisings. On the other hand, international news agencies are forbidden to visit the country and make news about East Turkestan. However, Chinese media and press misinform the world public opinion by showing Uyghur activitsts as terrorists. It is also known that China massacred at least 200 people in 2009 uprisings of Uyghur civillians. Uyghurs demand support from international human rights associations and organisations.

02.08.2014, Turkomania.org

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