Prof Justin McCarthy said: “There is no Armenian Genocide, but Turkish Genocide”

mccarthy-no-armenian-genocideHistory Professor Justin McCarthy, from the History Department of Louisville University, the USA, said in a conference in Toronto that they have so many historical documents and archives about 1915 events, and those evidences show that Turks did not carry out any genocide, but Armenians carried out a genocide on Turkish people. He also stated that during 1915 events, people might have killed each other mutually, but it does not mean genocide, but history calls it just a war. Prof McCarthy also explained that in 1914 and 1915, Armenians revolted, and Turkish state carried them to another place to ensure the life of Turkish citizens.Even it is known that Ottoman Empire protected Armenians against Armenian rebels he said.

The text translated from TRT News

It is known that so-called Armenian genocide is just a lie which does not have any historical evidences or background. These days, it is used as a political oppression on Turkey by several countries with the provocation of Armenians. In 1914, when the first world war started, armenians started to kill Turkish people with the provocation of Russia, and upon this, the assembly of Ottoman Empire decided to carry the Armenian citizens out of Turkey, to various places, so as to ensure the security of Turkish people. Due to the First World War, Turkish men were in the army, so there were no men to protect their villages against Armenian rebels in Turkey. When the Armenians were carried to other places, they produced a lie of so-called Armenian genocide, but historians say that it was not a genocide. Even it is known that Armenians killed thousands of Turks in the eastern Turkey when Turkish settlements were defenceless as all Turkish men had joined in the army to fight and defend their country against Russia, France, the UK, Italy, Greeks and Arabs during the First World War.

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