Reaction to Turkey by Iraqi Turkmens  


Red area called Turkmeneli on map is claimed by Iraqi Turkmens.

Some Turkmens, who claim that the members of ISIS have Turkish weapons and tents, put the blame and responsibility on Turkish government and Erdogan, the prime minister of Turkey, because of wrong policy causing the chaos in Iraq and Syria. Most of the Turkmens, whose relatives were slaughtered by ISIS and who moved to Kirkuk and some of whom are still withheld in Hazir, are expecting for Turkey to help them out and protect them from ISIS.

ISIS, which is a terrorist organisation based on Salafi Islam, was claimed to be supported by Erdogan’s government covertly and confidentially. Although several groups of Turkmens criticize Erdogan, Turkish Prime Minister, for supporting ISIS confidentially, he had refused the claims a few times before. As a result of the invasion of Turkmeneli by ISIS, most of Turkmens become refugees and look for new refuges.

Refugees talking to Cihan News Agency claimed that they saw many items and materials brought or taken from Turkey in the camps of ISIS. One of the refugees who is calling to Erdogan said: “Erdogan! You supported those men and and inflicted them upon us. During the Ramadan, they slaughtered our people, but we’ll plague them back. Remember! ISIS might also be a trouble for Turkey in future. We expect help from Turkey.”

In Turkmeneli region of Iraq, most of Turkmens are moving to Kirkuk by leaving their towns and cities. They also suffer from starvation, lack of water and medicine, and have no place to shelter and sanctuary. The ladies who lost their children and relatives are still crying for the casualties. A woman from Talafar is calling: “Whom will we tell our troubles? They killed my three daughters at home. Nobody hears us.” Kazim Musa, a Turkmen refugee, said: “We are also of Turkish origin, but the government of Turkey ignores us. Why?”

27.07.2014 CHA

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