Sad Ramadan in East Turkestan under the Oppression of Chinese

Flag of East Turkestan

Flag of East Turkestan

East Turkestan, where fasting is banned in Ramadan, has entered a sorrowful and oppressed feast under the repressive regime of China. This year, Chinese government made the Ramadan Feast being delayed to the second day, which sounds to be one of the deterrence policy of China.  Uighurs see the rules forbidding fasting as an attack on their religious freedom, which is one of the reasons of local tensions. Many Uighurs say the suppression of cultural and religious freedoms causes unrest in the region. On Monday and Tuesday, uprisings occurred in the province of Kashgar in East Turkestan as a result of Chinese pressure. Informal sources claim that hundreds of casualties are hidden from the world public opnion by Chinese government. They call for the United Nations, Islamic Conference or European Union to warn China about cultural, ethnical and religious restrictions and oppression.

Seyit Tümtürk, the chairman of East Turkestan Association in Turkey, and the vice-chairman of World Uyghur Congress,  informed that Uyghur people  could just celebrate the Ramadan feast on the second day because Chinese government makes the first day of Ramadan feast being delayed to the second day, so as to make Uyghur people separate from the Islamic and Turkic world. After all, they couldn’t celebrate the feast on the same day with other Islamic people.

The Uyghur refugees in Turkey got together in the building of the association and celebrated Ramadan feast. After the celebration, Seyit Tümtürk stated: “We wait for help from the humankind. Ramadan Feast is celebrated cheerfully all over the Islamic world, the same in Turkey. However, it’s not the same in East Turkestan, which is under the invasion of Chinese government, which bans several religious duties such as fasting in Ramadan. All the Islamic world celebrates the Ramadan feast on the same day except East Turkestan as they are oppressed and pressured by communist government of China, which delays the first day of Ramadan deliberately. We are calling the humanity here. East Turkestan is a part of humanity. This is everybody’s responsibility. We are calling for the help of all humanity. The culture and integrity of East Turkestan is ruined and deteriorated with the assimilation politics of Chinese government. We call United Nations, Islamic Conference, European Union and international associations to stop this assimilation.”


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