Sinjar Seized by ISIS


Sinjar was seized by ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria). The people of Sinjar, began to flee from the province so as to survive.

Sinjar, one of the provinces in the north of Iraq, was seized by ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria). When the militants of ISIS arrived in the city with heavy weapons, Peshmarga left the city and withdrew from the district without a sufficient warfare. Though small conflicts occurred between ISIS and local forces, the militants seized the city center at the end.

A month ago, when ISIS seized Talafar, thousands of Turkmen habitants had refuged to Sinjar as refugees. Food aids from Turkey had also been sent to Turkmen refugees in Sinjar last week. Today thousands of civilians and Turkmen refugees, the people of Sinjar, began to flee from the province as the city was seized by the militants of ISIS.

According to the news by Milliyet, it is claimed that the town Zummar, where the conflicts continue, was also seized by ISIS. Thousands of ISIS militants having heavy weapons proceed towards Syrian border from Mosul to open a passage between Iraq-Syria. Due to the severe attacks of ISIS, the Peshmarga withdrew from the area.

Around 10 o’clock, the forces of ISIS entered Sinjar, and thousands of Turkmens and Yezidi Kurds fled from Sinjar to the mountains. They are trying to survive by fleeing from the ISIS, which is a terrorist organisation of Salafi origin and slaughtering the innocent people due to their madhabs. Some families succeeded in refuging to the Duhok and Zakho provinces. After all, ISIS continues to seize many villages and towns in the province of Sinjar. On the other hand, the conflicts between ISIS and YPG continues in northeast of Syria. Now, the Peshmarga tries to generate a line of defense in the area.


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