Syrian Turkmens Slaughtered by Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS)

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On 27.07.2014, ANKA News Agency informed that the members of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) seized Çobanbey, a Turkmen town, and killed 23 people in the square of the town.

Tarik Sulo Cevizci, the vice-chairman of Syrian Turkmen Assembly (STA) informed that ISIS continues such massacres on Turkmen people in Syria. He also said that the members of ISIS captured 23 Turkmen warriors in the afternoon and brought them to the square of the town, Çobanbey, where they killed them in public, even in front of the children. The vice-chairman of STA also stated: “Our desolated and abondened villages, our houses in ruins, our homeless people, our looted country, and having the fear of death, and suffering from the financial difficulty are all taking the wind out of our sails.” 27.07.2014

The photos of slaughtered Turkmens in Western Turkmeneli:

Turkmens who were slaughtered by ISIS. Exhibited in front of ISIS flag.

Syrian Turkmens need urgent help to protect themselves against the ISIS.


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