25 Iraqi Turkmens Died in Air Attack


talafar-mapOn 28 January, 2015, Talafar, a city of Iraqi Turkmens in the province of Mosul, was bombed by the USA/Iraqi aircrafts, and 25 Turkmens were killed accidentally. It is said that the target of the attack was ISIL forces, but accidently they hit the Turkmen militia and families who fight against ISIL terrorists in the province. The extent of casualties is informed that 25 Turkmens were killed whereas 4 people were injured from the same tribe.

Names of deaths: Resul Hısso İbrahim, Nofe Yakup Eyyub, Kahtan Resul Hısso, Semire Nuri Hisso, Hatice Kahtan Resul, Rakan Resul, Şeyma Yunus Hüseyin, Nesret, Nufe, Ahmet Rakan Resul, Rıdvan Resul, Hind Muhsin Hısso, Kerem, Rena Rıdvan Resul, Amir Nuri Hısso, Ehlam Muhsin Hısso, Tair, Meryem, Fereh Amir Nuri, Sami Nuri Hısso, Nezehet Muhsin Hısso, Mustafa Sami Nuri Hısso, Hüseyin Abdulaziz Hüseyin, Muhammet Resul Hısso and Hısso resul Hısso.

Names of injured: Seca Amir Nuri Hısso, Zitat Amir Nuri Hısso, Hamdan Resul Hısso and Nezhe Resul Hısso.

All these caualties might be intentional or just an accident really? The Iraqi and USA Airforces as well as the ministry of foreign affairs of the US should find an answer for this.

It is thought that this attack might be a part of ethnic cleansing campaign against Iraqi Turkmens by some authorities. 

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